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Mango research study linked to prevention of breast cancer


According to recent studies conducted earlier this year by researchers at the Institute for Obesity Research and Program Evaluation at Texas A. M. University revealed that mangoes can help in preventing breast cancer.

The study examined the anti-inflammatory and cell toxicity properties mango polyphenols on breast cancer and non-cancer cells.[1] The type of mango that was used for testing is the Mangifera Indica, a species of mango belonging to the Anacardiacea family. This type of mango is native to India and Southeast Asia.

The procedure involved injecting non-cancer and cancer breast cells with mango polyphenols at different concentrations. Polyphenols are organic micronutrients. Another sub study from this same group injected hairless mice with mango polyphenols.The mice had human breast carcinoma cells transplanted into them prior.

The findings revealed that the polyphenol compounds reduced cancer cell proliferation and inflammation. In the mice study, the mango polyphenols also suppressed the growth in breast cancer cells and tumor growth.

While the prospect seems bright on how mangoes may prevent and eliminate cancer cells in humans, eating mangoes might just be on the rise for those looking to an alternative to chemo.

[1]MangoesShattenberg, Paul. Texas A&M researchers investigate cancer-fighting properties of mango




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