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The Art of Writing and The Secret Garden

Hello everyone,

While this is my first published entry post, I considered  myself a writer every since I received my first white plastic vinyl covered diary when I was around 7 or 8 years old. As a kid, seeing a diary with rainbow-colored pages was super cool. To be true, I have completed numerous writing projects within academia and in my career, and despite it all; I still love to do it. Almost more then two decades later, I still feel the same way about writing. While writing on colored sheets is not the norm for me anymore, unless of course I’m working on some arts and crafts with my son, it reminds me that writing can function as a place of peace and also of healing. If anyone has ever read the Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson, you would be in excellent company because at the heart of this wonderful book is the theme of magic and healing, which I draw strong parallels to the art of writing. A classic of children’s literature, it reminds me that writing, is like that secret garden, mysterious and enchanting, and for those few who venture in to discover the secrets will find that writing has the power to do anything. Writing can help mend a broken heart, lift us up when we feel down, and renew our spirits so we can smile again, just as long as we believe it can.


About chrissywei

I'm a writer with a B.A. in English who loves to indulge in the works of Keats, Coleridge and Radcliffe. I love to write, research, and travel with my wonderful family and two Border Collies, Chase and Kawaii. I have a DoD logistics background and enjoy working on a variety of different writing projects. Shoot me an email!


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September 2014


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